If you would like to view one of Maryanne’s presentations, please click here to watch her 20-minute talk at WINx 2017 in Chicago.

A few testimonials on Maryanne’s presentations…

Maryanne’s presentation to our volunteers was nothing short of remarkable…a must for anyone working in the field of grief and loss

– Penny Ferguson, Calgary Police Service Victim Services Unit

Maryanne’s passion for the subject of workplace safety is evident and had a room full of people absolutely silent when she spoke of her experience

– Sarah King, North American Occupational Health & Safety Week 2009 Chair, Edmonton Chapter

Maryanne is an energetic speaker with an important message to share about facing life’s challenges head on and reaching for your dream

– Brian Willis, Winning Mind Training

I reflect on the “Telling the Tale” writing workshop Maryanne gave at the Alexandra Writer’s Centre. This workshop, her presence and her story was THE catalyst that brought my own book to fruition. I can’t thank her enough.

– Cristy Lynn Hayden, MA, B.Sc.

Maryanne speaking at Police Victim Services Conference in Surrey, British Columbia, 2010

About Maryanne Pope…she is the author of the creative non-fiction book, A Widow’s Awakening, the CEO & Founder of Pink Gazelle Productions and the Board Chair of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. Maryanne also writes play scripts, screenplays, short stories and articles.  She lives on Vancouver Island, BC.

Maryanne is an enthusiastic, passionate and experienced speaker on a variety of topics, including:

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It is amazing how strong Maryanne is and how hopeful she makes you feel about the healing process when it feels like you will never heal. I loved her upbeat yet powerful presentation.

– Attendee, 2009 Presentation to Volunteers with the Calgary Police Service Victim Services Unit