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A Guide to PGP E-mail Campaigns


Depending on the time of the year, there are different e-mail campaigns running.

Here is the master list, so you can subscribe to whatever you like 🙂

The Watering Hole e-zine


This is our regular e-zine that goes out about once every 2 monthsThe Watering Hole has entertaining and informative blogs/articles as well as details about PGP projects on the go, upcoming events, etc.

Please click here to subscribe to The Watering Hole.


Weekly Words of Wisdom (WWOW)


WWOW header

Need a weekly shot of inspiration? Weekly Words of Wisdom is a short inspirational blog that goes out via e-mail every Wednesday.

Here is the link to subscribe to WWOW.


Life After Loss


Life After Loss; Lessons Learned from Love, Loss & Liberty

The Life After Loss blog series will resume again on Thur Sept 14th, 2017 and run through till Oct 26th, 2017. The Life After Loss e-mails go out once a week (on Thursdays).

Life After Loss is suitable for readers interested in topics that relate to life, death, love, loss, grief, healing, spirituality, life after death, souls and soul mates, personal growth, purpose and the transformative power of change.

Please click here to subscribe to Life After Loss.


Face the Future


Face the Future is an on-line environmental campaign that raises awareness about tangible ways that individuals can help reduce their environmental footprint, one step at a time.

The Face the Future weekly blogs will resume again in spring 2018.

Please click here to subscribe to Face the Future.


Mothering Matters


mothering matters logo 2011

The Mothering Matters…Nurturing Our Future Together blog series runs for 7 weeks every spring, around Mother’s Day. The next Mothering Matters blog series will begin in spring 2018.

Mothering Matters is a forum in which the challenges and responsibilities of motherhood and mothering are discussed, so we can learn from one another – whether we are raising children ourselves or not – as we move forward together to a healthier future for all.

Please click here to subscribe to Mothering Matters.

Thank you for joining our herd!