The Wisdom of The Widows

  The Wisdom of The Widows The Widows play is based on a real-life experience that my good friend, Jackie, and I had in a hotel room, backpacking through India together in 2003. The play is very much about boundaries, symbolized on stage by mosquito nets over the beds. As both women begin to feel safer … Read more The Wisdom of The Widows

Squirrel at the Birdbell

Updated Oct 25th, 2017 Squirrel at the Birdbell – Death & the Domino Effect   Ya gotta love it when a $100 cheque arrives in the mail . . . and you weren’t expecting it.  In March 2006, I won the Canadian Writer’s Journal short fiction award for a short story called Squirrel at the … Read more Squirrel at the Birdbell