A Day of Gratitude

September 29th, 2010 – Newport, Oregon Well, hello and a happy Wednesday to you! Today’s THE day…the 10th anniversary of John’s death. I guess I must have done something right over the past decade because instead of sorrow, loss or regret, what I mostly feel this morning is…gratitude. If someone had told me on Sept … Read more

Hitting the road…

Well, these next 10 days are gonna be interesting! I will do my best to blog fairly regularly about the road trip I’m about to embark upon…but the blogs won’t be the usual somewhat-articulate articles that I try to write (by spending hours on!). Instead, this will be writing that’s more on the fly because … Read more

A Decade of Growth

A Decade of Growth Like a new forest springing to life after the destruction of a forest fire, the ten years since John’s death have been a period of phenomenal personal growth for me. Although much of my growth in the early years was done so kicking and screaming, once the tender shoots started to … Read more