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What would you do if the death of your soul mate…meant the birth of your dream? 

A Widow’s Awakening is a candid exploration of the ‘waking up’ of a woman’s soul to the realization that her husband’s death has given her the financial gift of freedom to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a writer. But with freedom comes responsibility – for hidden in the greatest tragedies lies the potential for the greatest change.

“I just finished reading A Widow’s Awakening. I laughed, I cried, I reflected. I wanted you to know it had exactly the effect on me that I imagine you wanted for your readers. My eyes, ears and heart were opened to many things, including the belief and trust in love and soul mates – which I myself have lost sight of.”

– Sarah Polson, Calgary, AB

“Your book is FABULOUS . . . I couldn’t put it down! The story is gripping, and the writing is fluid and engaging. Bravo!! What I found the most intriguing is the religion/spirituality topic. I have already suggested the book to one of my clients and several of my friends.”

                                   – Susan Rochow, Therapist, Calgary, AB

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“WOW! As soon as I read the first line, I couldn’t put the book down. The truth on soul-mates, hope, after-life, happiness, sadness…you definitely told your tale as it is. I can’t stop talking about this book. I’m glad you shared your story with us.”

– Parveen H, Calgary, AB

“Clunk goes the Coin. Soulmates are opposite sides of the same coin. I truly loved reading this book. It was sad but also enlightening…I enjoyed reading about the spiritual side of this story…the red light as referring to his soul; the earth, air, fire, and water elements; the stars in the universe; all uniquely genius.
A Widow’s Awakening really made me think about certain topics we take for granted…about things we’ve been brought up thinking, may not necessarily be correct…that everyone deals with grief differently, that there may be more to Christianity than we already know. I loved this book. It really makes you think.”

– Reader, Library Thing Early Review Reader Program 

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