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“As a safety professional and a Threads of Life volunteer, I recommend reading “A Widow’s Awakening.” It provides a vivid, heartbreaking reality of the consequences of an unsafe workplace and the personal costs of a workplace fatality. It brings home the message that we must ensure our workplaces are safe, not only for the workers, managers and public on a daily basis but also the Emergency First Responders who may be called there to help. One life lost is one too many.”

– Laura Synyard, NL

Is Your Workplace Safe for Everyone?

In her book, A Widow’s Awakening, Maryanne Pope speaks of the profound impact a workplace fatality can have on those left behind. From a workplace safety perspective, her message reinforces how important it is that every workplace is made safe for everyone. As a safety professional, it reinforces the importance of the work that we do.”

– Denise Howitt, EHS Partnerships Ltd.

A Widow’s Awakening is a powerful testament to WHY workplace safety matters

Cst John Petropoulos’ death was the result of a preventable fall at an unsafe workplace. As such, this book is a must-read for OH&S professionals and anyone who is committed to ensuring their workplace is safe for everyone, including emergency responders.

A Widow’s Awakening captures the horrific personal impacts of a workplace fatality while offering hope for a safer future for all through the efforts of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund.

“John’s death and Maryanne’s life bring to the forefront the issue of workplace safety after hours – when our community is asleep we are protecting their businesses, properties and investments, which are often themselves the very menace we face. Maryanne inspires us to carefully continue putting one foot in front of the other while demanding the community protect us as we protect them.”

– Staff Sergeant Darren Leggatt, Calgary Police Service

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100% of the proceeds from the first 1000 copies sold (of the Sept 2018 edition by BHC Press) goes to the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund, a charity that raises public awareness about why and how people can ensure their workplace is safe for everyone, including emergency responders.

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“I have been reading A Widow’s Awakening and wanted to say thank you. It’s so beautiful and so real. Like you, I lived it. The love of my life was killed at work in Sept 2000, when he fell putting up rafters for a building. He was 52. I miss him so much and it still hurts. Your book is a wonderful gift and I treasure it…and the knowledge that someone else felt and feels the same as I do. Somehow I don’t feel so alone. Thank you.” 

– Sherry, Saskatoon, SK