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“I’ve read a lot of books this past year on grief. A Widow’s Awakening was the closest description of my thoughts and feelings. I almost found myself cheering in some places. Finally…someone understands.”

– Karen Adkins

“Based on a true story, A Widow’s Awakening, is a hauntingly beautiful story of enduring love, overwhelming heartache and discovering resiliency.  With descriptions that are heartfelt, painful and often humorous, author Maryanne Pope artfully paints a picture of what it is like to have your entire world pulled out from under you.” 

– Sharon Ehlers, Grief Reiki

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A Widow’s Awakening is proving to be an invaluable resource for readers who are coming to terms with their own loss – as well as for people who are supporting someone going through the grieving process.

“If what I say resonates with you, it’s merely because we are both branches on the same tree.”

 – W.B. Yeats

Maryanne’s candid description about her psychological, emotional and spiritual response to her husband’s sudden death hits a powerful chord with readers, particularly people who are dealing with their own grief.

“A Widow’s Awakening expresses the gripping pain of losing someone you love, tragically and unexpectedly. Yes, it’s a novel….but the candid truth of this widow’s suffering is real. It’s Maryanne’s personal story, but it’s more than her story. It’s for anyone who has suffered a tragic loss…she captures the essence of a grieving soul. In a strange way you may feel relief because you’ve had some of those same feelings as she did that others often judge. You realize you are not alone.”

– Robin Chodak, Grief Coach

“My mind is still racing after reading your book. It’s been 14 months since my husband died. Your raw and honest words hit home. Suddenly, I felt connected because it was real. I loved A Widow’s Awakening because it is not one of those ABC’s of how to get over it. You tell it like it really is for many of us, even though we have a public face that hides the personal chaos churning away inside. You validated me and my struggle.” 

– Chris, Calgary, AB

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“This fictionalized account of Maryanne’s story is by turns raw and gangly and then elegant and profound.  She leaves her ego at the door and just lays it out bare—she is not precious with herself and gives the reader the whole spectrum of her response, from grandiose delusions to suicidal despair.  The rollercoaster ride of early grief is accounted for with complete candor; her unflinching approach makes for a compelling, although sometimes uncomfortable, tale.”

– Kara Post-Kennedy

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  • Victim Services
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“After waiting for 8 years, I was not disappointed with the excruciating, painful story that unfolded on each page of A Widow’s Awakening. Maryanne’s vulnerability in describing the events of the day of John’s death and her minute by minute survival is the closest I have encountered to being inside someone else’s skin.”

– Deborah McInnes, Off-Duty Partners, Calgary, AB

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“I am a professional with a counselling background. I had worked for a bereavement agency in the community and heard of you…my fellow colleagues spoke highly of your book. They stated that all professional bereavement counselors should read A Widow’s Awakening because of the raw, honest description of grief you experienced.”

– Paula, Calgary, AB

“Thank you for sharing your story and incredible journey. What struck me in particular was your search for spiritual answers to relieve the blinding emotional pain. It was great comfort to see you put into words some of the exact emotions I felt when I tragically lost my dad this year. I can see now that everyone does find their way to heal those very raw wounds in the process of grieving.”

– Sandra 

“Maryanne…I’ve had plenty of time today to really read, and I’m over halfway done with your book, A Widow’s Awakening! I love it…authentic and straight from the heart. No soft-soaping grief…which many people try to do. It’s awesome, and I’m going to go back to reading now! ”

– Nancy Bourque