Maryanne Pope

A Widow’s Awakening

Creative Non-Fiction book
By Maryanne Pope

“I just finished A Widow’s Awakening and loved it! So many parallels…crazy! At times, I felt like I was reading my own story…call from work, ER, going brain-dead, working with transplant team, Honour Guard funeral, looking for love, feeling like cheating, frequent grave visitor, sleeping pills, grief, grief, grief…cry, cry, cry. It just sucks!”

– Kimberley M, Calgary, AB

“I wanted to congratulate you on your truly remarkable book. God forbid, if I ever have to deal with such a tragedy, I hope I can do it with the strength and resolve that you did. Thanks for sharing your experience.” 

 Gwen Farnsworth, Health in Action

With nearly 2000 copies sold, A Widow’s Awakening is touching the heart and soul of readers. This extraordinary story is a candid portrayal of Maryanne’s journey through the first year of grief after the on-duty death of her police officer husband. Engaging, powerful and heart-wrenching, this book captures the immense difficulty of accepting the unacceptable while learning to transform loss into positive change.

20% of book sale proceeds go to the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund, a registered charity set up in memory of the author’s husband. The JPMF raises public awareness about workplace safety issues facing emergency responders.

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“I started reading A Widow’s Awakening on Sunday and finished it Monday. The first third of your book touched me in ways I hadn’t anticipated. I cried so hard, my eyes became swollen; the pain was so real. I haven’t cried that hard in a long, long time. The grief you expressed was so real to me, as I experienced my own grief in a similar way. Reading your book has been healing for me.” 

– Cristy, Calgary, AB

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Niche Markets for A Widow’s Awakening


Due to an outstanding response from readers, we have been able to identify 5 key niche markets that are resonating with A Widow’s Awakening:

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A Widow’s Awakening is available in print, audio and e-book.

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“I bought your book yesterday and meant to wait until the next day to read it. I crawled into bed and tried to sleep but something kept at me. So I crawled out of bed and read your book from start to finish. It was amazing. I couldn’t put it down.”

– Darcy C, Calgary, AB

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 “My heart is beating harder and my breathing shorter. I am hugging my husband tighter and kissing him longer. I have burnt supper while reading! I have read books until wee hours of the night but I have not felt this much about a book before. You are an incredibly gifted writer…I feel like I am right beside you and that I am getting to know John and your relationship together. I love how he loved you. I love your writing style, how brilliantly you tie everything together and how you authentically share your soul.”

Kim Williamson, Photographer, Cochrane, AB