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A Widow’s Awakening author, Maryanne Pope

“When I first discovered Maryanne’s book, A Widow’s Awakening, I became immersed straight away. And when I closed that back cover and finished the book, I knew that the story could not end there. I had to get in touch. I needed to get involved.”

– Elliot Windmill, Journey with Lossul

Elliot Windmill, founder of Journey with Lossul, a website with blogs dedicated to exploring Travel, Life & Experience, just posted a detailed interview with Pink Gazelle Productions CEO, Maryanne Pope. Here is the link to read the interview that explores her experience of writing A Widow’s Awakening and her new life after loss, including a love of travel.

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The March 2018 Edition of The Watering Hole is Out…


Here’s the link to read all the latest about Maryanne’s Bohemian Writing Road Trip Adventure with her retriever, Sadie 🙂

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We create authentic works that inspire people to effect positive change in themselves and the world around them.

 “I initially read A Widow’s Awakening years ago when I was in a very different place. I just recently re-read it again and there were so many things that felt palpable to me as I navigated my way through your words. Things that I naively thought were unique to my journey…through your awakening, I became enlightened and empowered.”

– Lindsey Jepson, Calgary, AB

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MA laughing in field B&W

Founder & CEO, Maryanne Pope

Maryanne Pope – author, playwright, screenwriter, blogger, public speaker, workplace safety advocate, environmental educator and professional Auntie – started Pink Gazelle Productions in 2002, two years after the on-duty death of her police officer husband, Cst John Petropoulos of the Calgary Police Service.

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“I got home Friday night and was going to “start” the book, A Widow’s Awakening…well, I didn’t put it down till I finished!! I laughed but mostly cried. It was an amazing read…thank you for sharing.”

– Sherry Woodworth, Calgary, AB

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In a word…inspiration!

Our goal is to inspire people to reach their highest potential – because inspired people are positive, proactive people. Through blogs, e-mail campaigns, books, plays and films, we create and share meaningful stories that encourage and empower individuals to live with passion and purpose…and the patience to go through the process 🙂

“Your book, A Widow’s Awakening, arrived Friday afternoon and I spent all of Friday evening reading it. It has been a very long time since I have done that, reading a book cover to cover, crying most of the time. You told your story so well and with such passion that I felt that I was in the room with you…I realize now that I have a great deal of hurt that I haven’t dealt with over the years and how it is my responsibility, like you, to find my true mission/purpose in life.”

– Kathleen Specht

A Widow’s Awakening book by Maryanne Pope


A Widow's Awakening

Eight years in the making, this extraordinary – and true – story of soul mates, saints, saviours and safety in the workplace charts a young woman’s emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual journey through the first year of grief following the on-duty death of her husband, a police officer.

Over 2000 copies sold.

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“Told with brave candour and intelligent wit, A Widow’s Awakening takes you on an enlightening journey into the worlds of policing, hospital trauma units, Orthodox religion, unsafe workplaces, and the unexpected areas our minds can wander into when life becomes almost too painful to bear. An inspiring story of coming to terms with the unimaginable in order to live a life with purpose and meaning, this book is a testament to the capacity of the human spirit.”

– Shannon Lyons, Calgary, AB

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    “I have just finished reading A Widow’s Awakening and I had to drop you a note. I was tremendously impressed with your book. By being so honest and open in sharing your feelings and emotions surrounding this tragic event, you are helping me (and other readers) handle the losses and disappointments in our own lives. The book is a great read, interesting, funny…very human. It was very hard to put down and I know I will read it again.” Nancy, Kingston, ON
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